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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions 
Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us rachel@resi-shred.com or call us at
1-888-SHRDGRN (747-3476).

​What is on-site shredding? 
Resi-Shred’s on-site shredding is a premier service, which provides you the highest level of security for your important document destruction. The privacy and security of your documents begins the moment you secure them in the file boxes with the tape provided.  Our uniformed, bonded, and insured drivers will take the boxes from your place to Resi-Shred’s technologically advanced mobile document destruction truck and dump them into the bin on the truck. All under your supervision if you so choose. A lift on the truck will take the bin and deposit its contents into the internal shredder without any human contact thereby providing safety and security for all parties involved.  All your paper is destroyed before we pull away from your driveway. Security of your sensitive information is threatened if it is transported to another location in whole, readable form, prior to destruction.

Why should I shred documents?  
As a small business, you have a legal responsibility to have secure measures in place to properly destroy sensitive employee and customer information. In the event of a privacy violation, complaint, or audit, it is likely your business will be asked to verify its compliance to information protection regulations. A certificate of destruction is issued to every client certifying that the materials have been completely destroyed.  If you wish, you may also view the shredding process through a closed-circuit video mounted on the truck. Shredding discarded information yourself provides you with no verifiable record of compliance.

HOWEVER, Even as an INDIVIDUAL/RESIDENT you should shred your documents to protect your identity. We can help you in that endeavor.

We already have a paper shredder in the office so why should we consider outsourcing our paper shredding? 
In-house shredding requires initial capital outlay as well as time.  Most office-size shredders take time to feed and cannot accommodate sizable quantities of documents. The larger document shredders involve capital investment, require valuable office space, and regular professional maintenance. NOT TO MENTION, the time it takes to do the job. What might take YOU many hours to do, WE can take care of it in a matter of minutes!

Why should I use Resi-Shred? 
We make it convenient for YOU. We take great pride in providing reliable, on-time, and trusted service. We CARE about your security and we CARE about YOU. We provide the highest level of service for the best prices in town.

What type shredding process does Resi-Shred use? 
Resi-Shred. uses a Pierce-and-Tear shredding system. This system tears the paper at the fiber instead of cutting it. This results in a random and more secure shred size than standard strip-cut shredders.

Do I have to remove staples, paper clips, or binder clips? 
​No! There is no need to remove staples, paper clips, or other fasteners from your paper before shredding. Unless you WANT to! ;-)

What happens to the documents after they are destroyed? 
As stewards of the environment (fancy words for people who care), Resi-Shred recycles all the shredded information.  All shredded paper is securely recycled through our partnerships with recycling centers.

How often can you service our office? 
AS OFTEN AS YOU NEED. Some offices only require a once-a-year purge service. Others need service once every four weeks or two weeks, while others require weekly service. Resi-Shred will work with you to develop a plan tailored to fit your specific needs, whether it is for a regularly scheduled service or a one-time purge.  Of course, we can alter your service schedule if your needs change. 

For RESIDENTIAL SERVICE – Though we don’t anticipate your need to be regular, we want you to know that we are here whenever you need us.

Can you provide emergency service? 
YES! We can schedule an extra service any time you generate more paper than expected. We can also drop off additional storage containers or change the frequency of your service schedule if that would be more convenient.

Do you require your employees to be bonded and do you require them to undergo drug testing? 
Yes, we do.  We seek and employ individuals with only the highest level of integrity and competency.  All employees are required to participate in drug testing upon hire and also submit to random drug testing during the term of their employment with Resi-Shred.

What regulations does Resi-Shred adhere to? 
We comply with HIPAA requirements and adhere to all other applicable regulations and guidelines for the destruction of confidential proprietary materials. We take all shredded documents to a NAID compliant recycling facility.

When do I receive my invoice? 
Payment is due at the time of services unless previous arrangements have been made with the office. You will receive an invoice on-site.

1-888-SHRDGRN (747-3476)